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Moser Engineering, founded in 1982, manufactures aftermarket performance rear end components for various racing applications. Located in the ‘Heartlands of America’ in the modest town of Portland, Indiana, the company prides itself in its’ ability to supply quality American-made products, at an affordable price, with an industry-leading two-day turnaround.

In its humble beginnings back in 1982, Greg Moser, founder and namesake of the company, resplined a pair of axles and shortened a ’57 Olds rear for his own race car in his garage. After discovering that others were also in need of this service, Greg began advertising his service and perfecting the splining process still used today. Since 1982, Moser Engineering has resplined well over 150,000 pair of axles using what is now a highly innovative, computerized machining process.

With the ever increasing popularity of all types of racing and hi-performance street machines, Moser visualized a need for a high-strength yet affordable aftermarket axle. For that reason in 1990 Moser Engineering developed the ultimate axle that is NHRA and IHRA approved and can simultaneously be used on the street. This concept is still unparalleled today .

Moser Engineering now manufactures the strongest, highest quality, and most affordable axles available. In the past five years, Moser Engineering has sold over 250,000 Custom Alloy Axles to racers and hi-performance street and off-road enthusiasts throughout the world.

Over the past several years, Moser Engineering has added several items to its’ product line in an effort to offer a more complete line of drivetrain components. Ranging from axles, to Moser 9” cases, from complete center sections to its’ ever-popular Moser 12 Bolt complete housing unit, Moser Engineering is able to supply all aftermarket products needed to be competitive in many racing arenas.

Today, the company is headed by Rob Moser, the son of late founders Greg and Marianne Moser. Rob learned all facets of the business from the ground up, starting when he was a small boy helping his father field calls, respline product, and prepares it for shipping. His Business Management degree from the University of Southern California, as well as knowing the industry inside and out has enabled Rob to successfully take Moser Engineering well in to the 21st century.

Moser Engineering is in business to supply the highest quality American-made products, at an affordable price, within an industry leading two-day turnaround time. The combination of precision workmanship, know-how, price, and prompt turnaround are qualities that make Moser Engineering the leader in aftermarket rear end components.

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